Music Mania Revolution

NRJ Lebanon in partnership with AudioVision Studios proudly presents, Music Mania Revolution. A project that's mainly designed to produce records and bring back music to the studios again. According to Jihad El Murr, founder of the project, "We're going to discover talents and creative capacities in the field, we have considered today's studio rates and we understand if your budget is tight, therefore we've put together an exceptional price list". Music Mania Revolution is offering a one of a kind opportunity for all those who want to experience first class studio time. This project is all about motivating and inspiring all kinds of musicians, recording artists and bands to come down here and do their thing, we have everything you need to attain your dream record.

At Music Mania Revolution, whether it's commercial or not, the idea behind the project is to remove all limitations when it comes to genres of music. From Rock to Hip-Hop, all the way to Jazz, we make records here, and this is first class production, we don't want studio rates to hold you back from making music. With fantastic rates, Music Mania Revolution offers recording, mixing, and mastering, each project will be discussed and evaluated to accomplish your goals. An experienced producer will take the production to its highest level of potential, and last but not least, the quality to cost ratio is revolutionary, just like the project's title.

Rates / Pricing


We charge $400 to record a full song for a band which includes 2 days (16hrs of recording time)

*Overtime is charged $30 per hour.
*Record producer is available for an additional charge


Fully Tracked Out Songs

Our mixing rate is $250 per song with 1 revision (15% discount for 5+ songs)

2 Track Mixing (Instrumental Track and Vocals)
  • $75 per song with up to 10 tracks of vocals with 1 revision
  • $100 per song for more than 10 tracks of vocals with 1 revision

*All tracks must be consolidated to wave files starting at bar zero.


$100 per song with 2 revisions (4+ songs $75 per song)

*All files must be either 16-bit or 24-bit wave files